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+bj novak  +is a cutie  +apparently he wrote a book  +i'd def read mindy's before his  +but mostly i'm not buying either in the immediate future  +these would be a good gift for me  +i should add it to my amazon wishlist  +that no one watches 


OT3- Nine/Rose/Jack prompted by Anonymous

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+adorable  +perfect facial expressions on all of them too  +this doodle style is one of my all time faves 

"i don’t want to write this fanfic i want to fucking read it"

—a novel not written by me (via kingxxxwizard)
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+luckily i read a lot more than write  +but yes 

I would like to send you a sideways troll head, too! Is that what that thing is? One thing I like about you is your tags are a brilliant, beautiful mix of fangirl and really intelligent observations. And you like BTVS so we're like secret fangirl twins and you are the lighthouse when my fic sails into shore, you are always there at the right time!!

Sideways troll head!!! These are getting SO funny. I love my Tumblr friends’ creativity with this. Hah! 

First of all… THANK YOU. That was so nice. I did an out loud “awwww.”


LOL, I’ve never used that gif before and I love it now. 

Anyway. Seriously, with you, what’s not to like!? I have read.. ALL. YOUR. FIC. Like, please don’t stop? Please? I mean, I’ll read your novel too (gladly) if you want. But your fic is a gift. And with The Winter Season, you were getting such a great reaction to that, but you still replied to me every time and it made me feel really special. And you’re just a sweetheart. I’ve really enjoyed our tumblr interactions and the bit of emailing we’ve done and we def need to get to know each other even better. <3 <3

send me a ‘☄’ and I’ll tell you something I like about you

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+asks  +things i like about you meme  +teawhovian 

Lost and Found (3/6)


Author: wordsintimeandspace

Pairing: Tentoo/Rose

Summary: Stranded in Pete’s world, Rose and the metacrisis Doctor struggle with their unexpected new life.

Rating: T

Words: ~2100

Beta: resile

previous chapters on tumblr and teaspoon

Without looking back Rose walks out of the building. She desperately needs some distance and a bit of fresh air to calm down. The cold night air feels soothing on her heated skin, and she takes a deep breath, closing her eyes. She doesn’t know what she rather wants to do with the Doctor: slap him or kiss him or bury herself in his embrace to have a good cry. Preferably all of it, although she isn’t sure in which order.

She knows he won’t leave her and regrets mentioning it, but the wound of the other Doctor leaving is still too fresh, still hurts too much. It still makes her heart clench in fear that one day she will wake up and he will be gone. She couldn’t stand being without him, after everything she did to get him back.

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+are you reading this fic?  +you should be reading this fic  +it's not just a 'first few days in pete's world' fic  +there's ADVENTURE  +and DANGER  +and UST  +and ANGST  +reaaaaddddd 

☄ I don't think you know me, but I'm dropping in to say that it looks like Sputnik and I'm a huge fan of your fics!


I totally see that! Good eye! 

Thank you BTW! I am really stoked to hear you like my fic. And we don’t know each other (yet!) but I really like your blog. Solid, high-quality content and your theme is nice too (I like the background image)! 

send me a ‘☄’ and I’ll tell you something I like about you

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+asks  +things i like about you meme  +ascballerina 

*wifi egg since I'm on mobile!*

An egg?! That’s the strangest yet. 

Awww, Paige, I liiike youu. Specifically, your writing is some of the stuff I fell hardest for in this fandom and I stalked your tumblr before I had a (fandom) account of my own. Remember that time I followed and unfollowed you several times from a personal account? Ahahaha, whoops. TBH, I created this account in direct response to you posting my story as a rec to your blog. And I really like how nice you were about me showing up out of nowhere, leaving a bunch of overeager reviews on your stories, and then asking you to read one of my first DW fics when you had no idea who I was. And I’m sure it’d’ve been very awkward if my story had been incomprehensible. So A+ for you on that because it was a lot. But you were so nice. And then you introduced me to spookyknight and that introduced me to a lot of other people. You also reblogged an early post of mine where I was saying I was lonely, which led to rointheta following me. So, yeah. I like that you are a wonderful writer and a welcoming person and you helped me find my footing in this fandom in a goddamn huge way. While we’re at it, I also like your blog a whole lot, your stories about Mr. Turtle,  your photos of Turtle Cat, and your very, very enthusiastically received occasional appearances in skype chat. <3<3<3<3

send me a ‘☄’ and I’ll tell you something I like about you

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@Holograms: Such a lovely day!! Thank you guys @josebassmakeup @billiepiper

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+the great debate  +of lady in a scarf  +or dude with a beard  +is settled 

i know it's going to be a burden to narrow this down to only ONE thing you like about me but ☄

Point in fact, I’ve been saying more than one thing per person so DON’T WORRY.

2. We collabed on a fic and it was not only smooth, but fucking fun as fuck. Let’s do it again?
3. You’re funny.  You’re nice. You eat a lot of bananas and take selfies with them. 
4. Like, I clearly like you if I’m getting my ass to an airport at 7:04am on a Saturday for you. Nuff said. 

send me a ‘☄’ and I’ll tell you something I like about you

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+asks  +things i like about you meme  +thebadddestwolf 

☄ (it kinda reminds me of a comet?) <3

I can see the comet. I should keep track of all the opinions on that. 

I like your very snuggly, sweet presence on Skype chat. Your quite frankly staggering dedication to your weekend ficlets is something I really admire about you even though I am embarrassingly behind in reading them all. I like your dedication to what sounds like very challenging coursework. I like your dedication to Rose with Classic Doctors, too. :D 

send me a ‘☄’ and I’ll tell you something I like about you

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+asks  +things i like about you meme  +dryadalis