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Hello! Congrats! I love your fic with Hannah and Hardy. So "Is that my shirt?"


Thanks for the prompt. I’d really appreciate it if you could write back so that I know you’ve read your ficlet.

N.B. This is set in the Sum of its Parts ‘verse, after chapter 2 but can be read on its own I think.

Word count: 1017

Rating: teen

“Is that my shirt? “ Hannah asks as Hardy takes off his coat, looking very unhappy.

Yesterday, for the first time since they’d started seeing each other, she’d let him spend the night at her place. Thanks to his internal clock, he’d woken up almost on time, but actually getting out of bed when Hannah was sleeping peacefully in his arms hadn’t been easy. In the end, he had to get dressed in a hurry and had somehow put on a flowy, white button down shirt of hers rather than his own. They’re quite similar actually except for the cut and the floral fabric inside the cuffs. In fact, he’d only noticed his mistake when he’d tried to put on his tie during the first coffee break, he’d realized then that it didn’t have buttons all the way up to the neck.

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I like so much when you respond to the messages of your fans >.< It makes me SO happy to know that you read my comments and take a time to write something for me, you're awesome!! <3

<3 <3 Big hugs. You’re so nice and I really appreciate the support. And of course I always have time for asks from anyone. Not just about my fic, but about anything at all. :) 

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Book Quotes

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fic: the hazards of relaxation (1/3)


ten x rose; teen; 4,400 words
beta: kahki820
summary: The Doctor and Rose try to spend a relaxing day at the beach. They fail. Fluff + tropes galore.

Rose looped her arm through the Doctor’s as they made their way along a stony path, translucent leaves overhead barely filtering the eager morning sun. He grinned at her and bumped her hip with his own before moving to take her hand, helping her down a steep section of jagged rock.

He was finally, finally, taking her on the beach holiday he’d long promised and, for once, Rose felt as if the day had absolutely no trouble in store for them. The most perilous bit of their plans involved the trek to the beach, which the Doctor said was a tiny strip of gleaming sand at the base of a tall cliff.

He hadn’t wanted to land the TARDIS at the bottom — something about volatile shifting tides — but Rose figured the climb down would be a small price to pay for one full day of blissful relaxation. (Besides, the Doctor in swimming trunks was an added bonus.)

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Oh wow, thank you so much for those nice words :') You actually made me blush haha But really, I'm so happy that my enthusiasm and overall support made you feel that way. It really means a lot. And it's well deserved because you're an amazing writer and this story is wonderful. Count me as your fan haha :) About the ot3 fics, well, they're not A LOT, because there aren't as many as 10/Rose or Tentoo/Rose, but I have a decent amount of them bookmarked. I'll get to it asap!

Well you are fantastic and I really appreciate you. And you’re just such a nice presence on my dash, too. Love your blog as well! <3 <3 <3 

And actually, please make that rec list if you ever get a chance! I see quite a few others leaving notes on that previous ask that I think would enjoy it. ;) 

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I don't think I've ever messaged you before, but after reading the last chapter of BiB I just had to. It was amazing. Every single part of it. And that goes for all preceding chapters as well. I always just sort of sit there going "holy crap that was good" when I finish one of your chapters and wish there was a way to hit the 'like' button a thousand times. I think you do a brilliant job with all characters involved and I am now anxiously awaiting the next chapter. :)

Wow, thank you so much! That’s some really honkin’ strong praise right there. I really appreciate it. I hope you like the last bits of the story as much as the prior bits! I can promise.. more smut. Hahahaha. That’s basically the goal for chapter 17. Hope that’s cool! ;)

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Before it Breaks (16/?)


Author: resile
Rating: Adult (Rating change!) 
Ten x Rose x Tentoo
Summary: The walls between the universes close before the TARDIS reaches Bad Wolf Bay and the two Doctors and Rose have to learn how to relate to each other now that everything’s changed.
Words: ~4,600
Betas: aimtoallonsy and scullywolf (Thank you, ladies!)
Author’s Note: One chapter to go, plus maybe an epilogue. (Still deciding.) I hope you enjoy!


“Come on,” he said, and took the basket from her. “We’ll all feel better after, I reckon.” 

With a deep breath, Rose started walking, sidling into the TARDIS as the Doctor opened the door for her. Inside, the other Doctor was leaning against the console, and he straightened up as they walked in, face nervous. The Doctor next to her dropped the basket beside the door and moved over to the jump seat, sitting down and propping his feet up. Silence fell over them and Rose looked between the two men. 

“So…” she said. 

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fic: ready set go


Tentoo/Rose, ficlet.

Pushing their trolley down an aisle in Tesco, the Doctor and Rose were engaged in a heated debate.

Rose glared at him. “Well, which one do you want?”

“I don’t care!”

“You obviously do, or you wouldn’t be sulking!”

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So I've read a lot of TenxRosexTentoo. A LOT. And I can easily say that BIB is my absolute favourite. I've already knew that tbh, but with the smut scene I confirmed it. There are lots of great ot3 smuts out there but yours is so in character. It feels so real and the way everyone acts is so accurate to what I have in my mind. Also most fics assume Ten and Rose had sex previously so the fact that it was their first time in BIB only increased my love for it. THANK YOU! :'D

UM, I think I might need a reclist from you for TenxRosexTentoo fic cause I haven’t read that much of it! And, of course, thank you. Seriously, just generally thanks for being such a constant and vocal supporter of BiB. I always look forward to your tags/comments and your enthusiasm. I’m so happy I could write something that stands out to you and that feels real. But overall I think your support really makes a difference in my desire to write, my feelings on the story, and that sort of thing. So thank you very much. That goes for a lot of others, too, but you do really stand out to me on that, Ro! 

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