ten and rose: "Don’t fucking touch me."


this was requested by another anon as well. hope you both enjoy! (i’m not sure enjoy is the right word to use when writing angst prompts?)

Rose tried to slam the TARDIS door as she entered the ship but the Doctor was close on her heels and stopped it with his hand. Still fuming she stalked towards the jumpseat, pointedly ignoring the Time Lord.

"Rose," he said pleadingly as he reached out to grip her arm, "just let me explain."

She wrenched away from him. “Don’t fucking touch me,” she snarled. “Don’t you dare.”

"I just need you to listen!"

"Why should I? You told me two days ago that this thing between us was exclusive. That you didn’t want to share. And what happens on the first planet we go to after you tell me this?” Rose paused, letting the venom in her voice seep into the Doctor fully. “I walk in on you snogging some blonde aristocrat.”

"I didn’t instigate anything, Rose. You have to believe me!"

"I’m not stupid, Doctor. I have eyes and you, you were kissing her back so it doesn’t matter if you started it or not.” She closed her eyes briefly, trying to harness all the pain of her shattered heart and use it to power her anger.

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It wasn’t the only time he asked her. 

He asked her in the morning, over steaming cups of tea. 

He asked before she dozed off, applegrass stains on their knees.

He asked in the library, their cheeks warm from the fire. 

He asked on an impossible planet, when all seemed lost.

He asked when she rolled over, grumbling that he hogged the covers.

He asked in 2012, swaying as fireworks boomed overhead.

And no matter how many times he asked, her answer was the same.

How long are you gonna stay with me?


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How'd you come up with the title "Before it Breaks"? Just curious

Named after this song, by the incomparable, talented, vocally extraordinary, and, if I might add, very sexy Brandi Carlile. :) I definitely suggest a listen to that. And if you’re in the mezzo or soprano range, I recommend trying to sing along because it’s extremely challenging.

ETA: Altos, tenors, and everyone else should sing along too. :D

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You didn't pressure me into writing chapter 12; you told me to do it and I happily complied ;) And then it made the UST worse. Oops?

You don’t sound sorry at all. -.-

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I think rose may be a little bit of an introvert as well. Like maybe she like it just being her and the doctor because feels more comfortable around JUST the doctor because she likes a smaller groups. I know i much prefer to be with one person (possibly 2 depending on who) to a group.


Yeah, me too. But it’s hard to tell, I think, since we rarely see them in purely social situations. It’s mostly just adventure, adventure, adventure. So we only have tidbits to go on, really. So, I’m gonna ramble for a bit. And this isn’t exactly researched so I might remember things wrong, and this is not something I’m very knowledge about, but I’ll give it a try. ;)

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Western Immersion (11/?)



Summary: A visit to an imitation of the Old West gets complicated when the TARDIS goes missing. Will the Doctor and Rose find the TARDIS, or will they have to make a life in the small town they’re confined to?

Author’s Note: This chapter is still teen, and the next couple should be, too, unless the Doctor and Rose get carried away. I did decide, however, after being informed it was my only option, that this will get upped to an adult rating when the time is right.

Betas: scullywolf and re-sile

Rating: Teen.

Find the story on Tumblr, Tsp, ao3, or


When he sucked gently on her lower lip, she was shocked out of her immobility, pressing her body against his and eagerly returning the kiss, completely oblivious to who else might be around to see Rose Tyler and the Doctor, snogging on a public street, unaware of anything but herself and him and how they touched.

Then she felt tapping on her shoulder.

She pulled back reluctantly, looking into the Doctor’s eyes, which were hungry and flickering with emotion, before turning around to see who was trying to get her attention.

“You folks tryin’ to get locked up again?” said the man standing in front of them, whose name Rose couldn’t quite remember, Frank or Fred or something. Any chance she had of recalling his name was ruined when the Doctor moved so he was directly behind her instead of beside her, placing his hands lightly on her shoulders.

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cate’s 5k follow forever

I never do these, but I want to celebrate this milestone with you guys, so please enjoy these blogs. Note: some of these urls are temporary for halloween.

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Much love, guys!

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okay, so.

I would love some BiB-verse prompts. I have a couple things in mind, one of which I will be writing this week, but I want to see what others are thinking of. You can ask for alt-POV scenes from the fic, oneshot ideas, ficlets, outtakes, etc. Whatever you want. I can only guarantee I’ll fill prompts that kick my muse in the bum, but I think there is a good chance I’ll fill what I’m sent, in time.

So please send me any BiB-verse prompts you’ve got in mind. :)

Thank you so much! You can feel free to keep sending anything you want. Love what I’ve got so far. Please be patient with me as I write these. I’ll aim for one every week or two, like the frequency of my chapters when BiB was still ongoing. I really appreciate it.

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Are you planning on writing any Tencest on your BiB-verse?

Hmm. I’ve talked a lot about this with the betas. It definitely was not going to be in the main story since that just featured their first time. I do not see Ten and Tentoo ever falling for each other in the BiB-verse. A solid camaraderie and understanding with a mutual love/protectiveness of Rose is about as far as that would go. However, I think they’d mess around a bit to please Rose. So it’s not something that was going to be specifically planned for BiB, but they’re pretty uninhibited and I can’t see why they wouldn’t give it a go if she were interested. That said, I do not think they’d ever take up on their own without her. They wouldn’t be off together and leaving Rose on her own. They have no interest in each other apart from pleasing her. They’re just not disgusted either. Does that make sense to you? Anyway, if you want to prompt that sort of thing, feel free, but I felt this merited an answer on its own. :)

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Curious about Hardy/Hannah but don’t know where to begin? Let me help.



Let’s start with some light reading, nothing that requires too much commitment (less than 2,5k words) :

Want more? These are longer:

Now, are you ready to really get in there? Here are some multichapter fics:

Oh, you want to see their faces together not read about it? Take a look at these edits:

Still can’t get enough?

Well, why don’t you make something, then? Don’t forget to tag it Hardy x Hannah (some also use Hardy x Belle and Broadchurch x sdoacg)


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