Broadchurch role-swap: Olivia Colman as Alex Hardy and David Tennant as Elliot Miller

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"Watch Buffy"

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Before it Breaks by re-sile

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fic: slow and steady, part 1/2


Ten/Rose. This is a very, very belated birthday fic for the wonderful thebadddestwolf. Sorry it’s so late!!

“Ouch,” grumbled the Doctor, as he straightened his posture. His hand moved to his lower back and he groaned a little.

Rose swallowed the bit of toast she was chewing and asked, “You all right?”

He’d been bending down to fetch something out of a cupboard in the galley when he’d felt the twinge. “Yeah. Just…” He rubbed at his back. “I dunno. My back’s killing me.”

"I can help you with that, if you want," Rose offered casually, taking a sip of her tea.

His eyes widened. “I’m sorry?”

"Mum said I was really good at giving back massages. Even tried to get me to go on a course for it, and all that. Too expensive though. Still, luckily Keisha’s aunt was a trained masseuse, so she taught me some stuff for free.” She placed her mug on the table and stood up, walking over to him. “I’ll give you a demo, turn around."

"No, no, it’s okay. I’ll be fine." He cleared his throat. "Thank you, though."

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Bad Wolf with #2 for kilodalton

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A Question of Where (1/?)


Summary: After a stressful trip to an alternate universe, Rose wants nothing more than some time with her mother, to help her get past feeling like she had lost both of her parents. When she and the Doctor arrive at the Powell Estate, however, Jackie is nowhere to be found. Where is her mother, and how will Rose and the Doctor handle this turn of events?

Rating: All Ages

Collab between scullywolf and Aimtoallonsy. Beta’d by re-sile, who was also prompted into prompting, “What if Jackie isn’t there?”

This will probably be six chapters plus an epilogue, but we reserve the right to get carried away, okay?

Read on Tumblr, ff.net, Tsp, or AO3.


Rose clung to the console, unsure whether the spinning she felt was from the TARDIS’s flight or from leaving behind Mickey and versions of her parents on an alternate Earth.

Well, leaving behind a version of one parent, at any rate.

It felt rather like she’d lost everyone, though, and Rose felt unsteady, unsure in a way she wasn’t used to. Traveling with the Doctor, it was exciting, emotional, challenging, but she rarely felt as if she were having trouble recovering from their trip.

“Can we stay at Mum’s for a bit longer than usual this time? I think I need more than just a few hours,” asked Rose, grateful that the spinning seemed to be slowing down. The Doctor leapt to another control, rotating it slightly, tongue to his top teeth.

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Eternally grateful for my readers!

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A study in how the Doctor looks at Rose versus how the Doctor looks at Cassandra-possessing-Rose. 

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