Digitally Painted in Sai

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+look at this  +fanart  +she just keeps getting better at this  +and it's a pleasure to watch  +yay nikita! 

Buffy Summers and puns.

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+buffy  +btvs  +buffy the vampire slayer  +btvs edits  +buffy summers  +resilegifs  +this was fun  +some of the less often seen buffy puns  +i am not sure that last one is technically a pun!  +but whatever!  +i am going with it 

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+this is so cute  +bc i never realized donna was wearing chucks  +she's a bride who wore chucks to her wedding  +cutie 

Rointheta’s 3k Rec List



I’ve been lucky enough to hit 3k followers! Thank you so much for following me and talking to me and being so nice and lovely in every way. <3 I really appreciate it!

To celebrate this, I’ve read through old and new favorite fics to pick out the ones I enjoy the most! Well, not all of them. I’m planning on making more rec lists in the future, so I’m saving some. ;)

It’s mostly Doctor x Rose, organized after genre with author, summary, pairing, rating, and length, and each and every fic on the list is fantastic and brilliant and written by super talented people! I’ve linked to the writers I know have tumblr, so remember to check out their blogs too! ^^

Happy reading, and thank you! <3 <3 <3 

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+um yes  +how am i supposed to focus at work  +when there are so many on this list i've not read  +also holy shit i am recced a lot here  +thank you ro  +thank youuuuuuu  +i also really like that graphic  +this is such a good day so far  +yay  +rec list 

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!
  1. I turned in a work project yesterday that was really rushed but was actually of good quality!
  2. I learned how to gif recently and it’s fun.
  3. I was a reasonably good hostess to my guests last weekend.
  4. I am welcoming to new people at work.
  5. I baked my husband cookies this morning.
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+ty for including me tennyo!  +i will maybe tag people later  +but i may not also  +if i forget  +meme  +tennyo-elf 

Lost and Found (4/6)


Author: wordsintimeandspace

Pairing: Tentoo/Rose

Summary: Stranded in Pete’s world, Rose and the metacrisis Doctor struggle with their unexpected new life, unaware of the alien threat hovering over the planet…

Rating: T (warnings for some mild violence in this chapter)

Words: ~2100

Beta: resile

previous chapters on tumblr, teaspoon or ao3

Rose isn’t sure how much time passes. She paces the small space in her cell, tries some more shouting until her voice is hoarse and checks the door and the walls for any way out again and again. In  the end she gives up and sits on the small bed, arms wrapped around her body to protect her from the chill in the room. Although she tries to stay awake, she feels herself drift off. After spending at least some hours in the cell, and the whole day before her kidnapping on her feet, she can’t fight sleep any more. She curls up on the small bed, facing the door and drifts off into an uneasy sleep.

When the door creaks, Rose sits up straight, immediately awake after years of Torchwood training. She shakes her head to clear her mind from the last remains of sleep and jumps up when she sees the handle of the door turning. Adrenaline curses through her veins, enough to make her forget her exhaustion. She bites her lip in anticipation, clenching her hands into fists.

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+love the action in this chapter  +love rose's agency  +and just the pacing  +the suspense  +knowing he's coming  +and waiting to see it play out  +to be honest i'm glad i got to read it all at once  +hahaha  +but you should follow this story chapter by chapter  +so you can read it all asap  +:D  +fic rec  +tentoo x rose 

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+no but billie's arm game is on point  +did not see that in person  +due to blazers  +billie piper  +craig ferguson 


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+david tennant  +gifset  +clearly a person with a passion for video games  +resilegifs  +okay i am done for the night  +out of control over here  +out of control  +this is my first DT related gif though  +yay 

"Are you not used to being given orders?"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer | S3E08 - Bad Girls

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+buffy  +btvs  +buffy the vampire slayer  +btvs edits  +resilegifs  +the little giggle they share at the end  +i cannot 


Rose vs. her greatest enemy: the locked door

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+lol i love this